Tips on Avoiding Dubai Tourist Traps

Posted on May 1, 2016 By

Most of the people have the dream of enjoying the tour to Dubai. Some of them are willing to avoid the tourist traps of this cosmopolitan city. If you also want to avoid them, here we have described the top 10 tips to do so.

1. A great way to leave tourists away behind is getting back and getting involved in community activities by getting a local non-profit organization capable of using money or time as per your will.

2. Sip coffee while sitting in a cafe, where the folks of vicinity spend their time with the morning paper.

3. To avoid tourist traps during your tour, you should walk much, particularly far from the prime tourist spots. You can purchase a day pass of the bus and just proceed off in random directions, hopping and hopping off at desire.

4. Get the way of travel that forces you to slow down and seek more of what you are making your way through – hiking, biking, horse riding and many more.

5. Find recommendations from taxi drivers and doormen. They will provide you some homogenized recommendations. You should also keep pressing for another place where they or merely locals hang out.

6. To avoid the tourist traps, you can see if the destination has ‘meet up’ groups in the region that includes topics of your interest. There, you can attend a language class, even if merely till a week. During the class, you will get the chance of meeting the local instructors and the people who are at the spot for the extended duration.

7. If you also want to get the experience of the actual local culture and so on of the destination, you should head to the concierge (doorkeeper) of an upscale hotel at your destination to ask where he would go for the dinner on the occasion of the celebration of a great anniversary. It is notable that concierges normally avoid the tourist places while going out. In this way, this a perfect mode to get great suggestion from experienced locals who have the actual knowledge of their town.

8. In Strip malls, you will meet local people to talk to often crazy tasty and reasonably priced food, weekly papers to get the insight of the daily real life in the destination.

9. In order to avoid the tourist traps of Dubai, you should head to a bar and pull up a seat there. There, you should begin to converse with the bartender and the person sitting close to you.

10. By taking the map of the cosmopolitan city at the hotel, you should completely lose yourself in the wonderful destination because it is the only way to actually explore the real life a destination – the people, flavors and smells.