Renting a Party Bus to Promote Our Band Image

Posted on August 29, 2016 By

I planned our first larger gig the best I could. My other bandmates are great musicians, but they are lousy at managing the business that is our band. I am serving in the role of lead guitarist and manager. I finally convinced them that we could earn a good living at this if we did it right. It had to be more than just fun. We got together for our first opportunity to play to more than 50 or so people by arranging everything in a marketing way. We coordinated everything about our on-stage personas and even contacted to get a sleek black limo bus for our arrival.

It was all show. We had actually showed up at the venue that afternoon to set up all of our equipment and do a sound check. Then we all drove home to get ready for the evening. We met the party bus in a parking lot near my house. We had our stage clothes on, and we had our props with us. I had my guitar, and the drummer had his drum sticks. Everything was about marketing our brand. We debated on whether to be playing some of our music when we rolled up or to be playing music from another band we liked. We decided to cue up a hit song of ours and have the chorus playing when we pulled up out front.

Normally we would just arrive at a gig in our own separate vehicles, and we would drive home after we took everything down. This was all about dressing for the job we want to have. You have heard that saying, right? We needed to present an image, and the party bus limo was a great start to that. It was shiny black with a really cool looking interior. People thought it was our bus and not a rental. We were able to present an image that we were more popular as a band than we actually were, and it helped us get even bigger gigs.