Maldives Travel Guide

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It was summer and I was wondering where to go in the world to enjoy my vacation. After a quick search on the internet, I decided to go Maldives and believe me the tour was awesome. Here I have mentioned the guide.

How to travel the Maldives on a budget

The Maldives is a beautiful destination to travel budgetly because budget travellers can afford to explore the country and in various ways, travelling in Maldives is far best to stay in one of the luxury resorts. Each resort is made on its own island, seperating you from the rest of the country. Staying on the local islands gives you an insight into life that very few people can experience it.

The Maldives has always been a dream honeymoon destination for couples due to some reasons.

  • It has the best beaches in the world
  • The resorts are very costly

I found out that the Maldives is a once in a lifetime destination that can be visited only for a very special occasion.

Finding Cheap Accommodation:

The first thing is that there aren’t any cheap staying options in Maldives. You will not get a dorm room or a bungalow on the beach. However, there are still lots of budget guesthouses and they give you good value.


Maafushi: A Water Breeze Guesthouse was my favourite guesthouse in the Maldives and we completely recommend you to stay here. The breakfasts were huge, the owner was prety good and room was incredibly stylish and felt like worth a value of money.

Fulidhoo: Our second stay on Thundi Guesthouse and again we were happy with our choice and I’d wholeheartedly recommend staying here. The shower was hot, the air conditioning was cold, it was incredibly peaceful and the Wi-Fi was super fast!

Guraidhoo: Do not stay at Coral Heaven Guesthouse on Guraidhoo. The accommodation owner tried to cheat us by lying about the rates of a boat ride. It was simply not good at all.

Finding Cheap Transport:

Transport is also affordable in Maldives. Local ferries run all around and cost more than $2-4 for a three hour trip. If you wish to go a resort, you will have to pay for a speedboat because a local ferry don’t stop at the resort Islands. These speedboats are little costly.

Finding Cheap Food:

You will be delighted with different kinds of food options that Maldives offered to eat, whether you ordered fish curry and rice, fish and chips, tuna fried rice – lots of fish based meals, chicken fried rice, curry and rice or an enormous fish barbecue. The food completely satisfies your appetite. There are many restaurants on the Island and all charges the same price.

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