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Staying fit in today’s ever changing global competitive landscape is considered one of the most daunting tasksto achieve, as lives have become busier over time. Fitness is on everyone’s A-list or priority list, but managing time in this technology frenzied world is the main thing.

With the advent of 21st century, our lives did become comfy and lavish, but the nuances accompanied with these comforts were overlooked which included extraordinary levels of stress, hypertension, long working hours owing to a never ending race to achieve the best; rather be the best in the lot.

The latter have had a negative impact on our lives ranging from less time for ourselves and families, degraded quality of lives leading to shorter life spans, diseases never heard of, occurring at earlier stages of life, frustration leading to usage of drugs and brain stimulants, that too at a rapid pace.

So, leading an active and healthy lifestyle is hard but can be achieved if there is intent and interest in personal fitness. Being the best and leading the rest is only possible if you religiously follow a strict fitness regime. With a few simple steps, that will be discussed below, you can rest assured that there won’t be any need of drugs, in addition to that, you’ll be able to handle stress, pressure at any level.

The best antidote to handling pressure is to exercise daily, rigorously pursue fitness in whatever way possible. I’d recommend swimming, which is perhaps the best sport and brain stimulant at the same time. 45 minutes of freestyle swimming a day, helps you keep diseases at bay, besides that it will help you look young, energetic and confident; at the top of your shape and game.All those who aspire to lose weight and become lean, need to consider swimming, to see results in months; rather days.

Swimming helps maintain your blood pressure, soothes your brain and helps you in burning excessive body fat, as every part of the body is used in this sport. The biggest advantage of swimming is that it helps build your stamina. Initially, you get breathless with just one lap in the pool, but gradually as your stamina builds up, you get to achieve more success over time.

Similarly, if you don’t have such facilities available near you, the most inexpensive and useful exercise can be walking/brisk walking/running, that carries similar results but can be carried out any time of the day, anywhere. The best time though is your nearest park, during wee hours of the day. Start with just one kilometer, slowly start increasing your time and eventually a day will come when you will be doing 5-10 kilometers in minimal time. Also, this carries instant results, you can start witnessing results in a few weeks.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you cut down on fat; sugar and salt intake, start eating green veggies and fruits. Say no to packaged foods and GMOs and stay as close to nature as possible. Another important thing you have to keep in mind is the timing and quantity of food you take. It is advised to never quit breakfast, lunch and dinner but cut down on the amount from the former to latter, keep your night meals to the minimal.

In fact according to some new researches, it is advisable to take 5, 6 short but healthy meals during the day with the break of a few hours. Besides these, a moderate amount of sleep is an essential component to keep your brain working at its best capacity. They say:

‘Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’

This saying although simple, holds deep meaning. Last but not the least, keep a decent smile on your face. Being happy is the best cure for many diseases, so never lost that smile on your face.

If you follow these simple and doable things described above, you can have a balanced, fit and healthy life, the rule is just to be consistent!