I Wanted to Give My Friends a Big Thank You

Posted on September 2, 2016 By

I had been through a rough time after losing both of my parents and my girlfriend. My parents were in a horrible car accident and my girlfriend had died in a fire that raced through her home. I had no other family members and was feeling very alone. My friends knew this without my even saying so, and they each stepped up to do their best to show me they cared. As a thank you, I decided to have a special party to thank them. I’d run across http://platinumpartybusrentaltoronto.com at some point, and was interested in the busses they offer for rent. I knew their service would come in hand one day.

I had been in a fun for about a year and a half. I knew through all of it that better days would come again with time, but I wold trade just about all of those good days for having my parents and girlfriend back with me again. All three of them were amazing people who I was lucky to have in my life, no matter how fleeting. Friends had been working together to check on me often. When I began to feel like I could be part of the living every day, I realized that I owed them a lot for their help and the care they extended me.

I am a musician, and I tour around the country. Both of those things got put on the back burner for a year and a half. Friends had said they missed me singing at parties and other things that we all do together. So, I rented the party bus to set the tone. I told no one what it was all about, but they were all really surprised at how nice the bus was. I sent a round of drinks to everyone, stood up to thank them, and then treated them all to a night of me playing the guitar, singing and friendship.